How does Wireless Internet work??

We align a CPE "dish" with one of our many towers on various high sites outside on the side of your building. This CPE connects your premises with our network through which the internet connectivity is delivered. We then install one or more WIFI access points in and around your premises through which you will connect to the net. Please note the "dish" does not provide any WIFI signal inside your building and you cannot connect to it.

What is Symmetrical Internet?

Symmetrical internet connections are connections that run at the same rate, both up and down. This is not the norm with all service providers. Most give 10% of your chosen download speed, as your upload rate. Your upload rate is very important as this depicts how fast you can request information from the net, how fast or large you outgoing mails are, or how well your cloud services such as Dropbox, One Drive, etc work.  Upload is also crucial for security camera streaming while you are away from home. To us it doesn’t really matter how you choose to use your connection, but it is important that you can do with it exactly as you please.

Can I change or cancel my Subscription?

By AuroraNet all our services are provided to you on a month to month bases. This means that we require only a one month or part of a month notice on any Upgrades, Downgrades, or Cancelations. We do allow all account related changes to take immediate effect, but billing changes will only take effect at the end of the current billing period. Please keep in mind that all services are billed for one month forward.

Fair Usage Policies?

Fair Usage is a term used by ISP’s referring to a fair amount of data to be used over a period of time. Once this limit has been reached, one's transfer rate will be slowed or deprioritized. This has been implemented to try and control the amount of data a client transfers over this period. The reason for this is simply that uncapped internet was never intended to be a service for data greedy people to transfer as much as possible but rather as an “Always On” service. AuroraNet chooses to only apply Fair Usage Policies over Peak Hours. This is to ensure quality of service to all our clients. Off Peak however we simply don’t care how much you transfer as this won’t really impact anyone else.  

Payment Methods?

At AuroraNet we like to make things simple for our clients. Thus, we have made provision for multiple payment methods. Although we prefer to bill our clients via Debit Order we have also made provision for Credit Card facilities and you can also pay by EFT. Keep in mind that services not payed for by the 7th of any moth will be suspended automatically. Proof of Payment is required if payed by EFT for our finance department to manually renew services each month.

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