Chock-full of sweet features

Plex is the best streaming experience possible

Every Plex app gives you instant access to these awesome features, wherever you go. Whether it’s your huge movie collection, weeks of music, or loads of video footage and photos, Plex makes it easy to appreciate them all.

  • Parental Controll
  • Offline Content
  • Enjoy on Any device
  • Not Limited to Internet Speeds

The brains behind the solution is the Plex Media Server, the free software that makes everything happen. Once installed, it automatically gets to work, scanning and indexing all your media, making it look beautiful and intuitively organized in your media library.

Supported Platforms


Supported Devices

Plex supports most mainstream device types, in just about any of their respective platforms. Including, but not limited to anything from Windows, Apple, Linux, and Android.

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Smart TV & Set-Top Boxes

You can enjoy your media on your Smart TV, or turn any older TV into a Smart TV by using a Set-Top Box. such as Apple TV

Gaming Consoles

You could also use your gaming console as a device to stream your media from your Plex media Library on your TV.

PCs and MACs

Your media can also be accessed on any PC and MAC either by local app's or by your web browser such as Chrome

Mobile Devices

Access your media from anywhere in your home from any personal Mobile Device, no matter the platform
Simple to install, simple to configure by yourself, however if you would like a professional to help seamlessly integrate this into your home, we could put you in touch with one of our support agents to assist.

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