Home Wifi

At AuroraNet we make it our business to do wireless networking, thus it is only obvious that we would be the best guys to speak to, to get your environment covered effectively. We do not see your requirements as generic, therefore, when you sign up with us, we spend time with you as our client to analyse your requirement and deliver a personalized solution no matter how simple or technical.

Basic Wifi

Each installation comes with a Mikrotik Home access point by default. This is not optional, except in the case that a larger Mikrotik router may be needed. We use these to solve specific routing requirements, as well as run specialised analytics to establish where a client's connectivity problems could lie. We can also limit certain user's access to specific sites or download speeds for load balancing all according to your requirements. This little router is where all the magic happens and is thus the heart of our service.


Do you have too many Wireless Access Points with different names and you would prefer to not have to keep reconnecting to different networks. The Ubiquiti Unifi products would solve this problem perfectly. Unifi allows for multiple access points to repeat off each other no matter the location “indoor or outdoor” that allows for Zero Millisecond Handoff, meaning you will never have to connect from access point to access point around your premises again.

Unifi AC

Unifi In-Wall

Unifi Mesh

Unifi Outdoor

The Unifi Products come with their own controller software. This controller could be hosted onsite or as we prefer be hosted on our site, where we give you access to this system and you could configure everything with the click of a button on an elegant simple to understand, interface. It also gives us the means to easily and quickly update and administrate all the access points on your premises.

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