AuroraNet Wireless Hot-Spot

AuroraNet believes that no matter where you go, you should be connected at affordable rates. To remedy this, we installĀ our hotspot connections with as many access points as needed to cover your entire venue at any company or organisation with a public area where people spend time. ie. Schools, Churches, Restaurants, Pubs, Coffee Shops etc.

How it works

Its All Free!!!

Free Internet

Accompanied by the hotspot is a 2Mbps connection with a daily usage limit of 1Gig for the venue to enjoy.

Free Advertising

We market your premises to our clients as venues to visit as they will have access to their own internet connections from these premises.

Free Wifi

Your clients get free access to the internet with a daily 50MB usage limit, after which top-up tickets can be bought to continue surfing the web.

Free Marketing

We create a custom landing page for you to advertise your promotions and there will be a small space assigned for our marketing at the bottomĀ of the page.
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