Virtual Private Networking

This is where our industry becomes interesting. Cabled service providers rely on their existing cable infrastructure to deliver such connectivity to clients and these services usually cost an arm and a leg to the end user. This is the beauty of wireless networking. Relative to cabled infrastructure, wireless networks can be rolled out in a jiffy and cost a fraction of the price to fund, thus we can deliver such services to our clients at the most affordable rates, delivered end to end at record times.

Usage Cases

Remote Office Resource Sharing

Do you have a file server, a printer, maybe a pabx or an accounting server that needs to be accessed from a remote office or from an employees home?

Remote Camera Streaming

Do you maybe have a security camera located many Kilo Meters away from your premises that needs to be monitored locally?

External access to Resources

Do you Travel regularly or have employees that do so and require access to company resources to function as though you are onsite?
Your imagination is the only limit with what could be achieved with a well planned reliable VPN connection.
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